♡ About Rumi ♡

Hihi! My Names Rumi, I'm an Australian Android Catgirl who tries to create funny, relaxing and enjoyable content for my community! I love Gaming, Reading, Music, Teaching and especially being super creative!Drinks I love: Milkshakes, Coffee, Whiskey and a strong Tea ♡Food I adore: Steak, Burgers, Pizza, Nacho's,Bacon Egg Toasties and BASICALLY anything with meat ♡Fave games of all time: Halo series 1 - Reach, Destiny 2, Fallout New Vegas, Nier Automata / Replicant,
VA-11 Hall-A, Black Ops 1, Dark Souls 1 - 3, Elden Ring, The Witcher 3, Pokemon Platinum / Sapphire, Elder Scrolls and honestly there are probably more but I think I have included to many LOL ♡
My main goal getting into streaming was to help handle my severe social anxiety disorder and create a warm, welcoming loving community that I could grow with as I created content, streamed, networked and in my journey so far I've fostered a small but wonderful community full of supportive and fun people I've named the Rumination ♡

Community Quotes About Me And My Content ♡

"adorable" "Very very good at shooters and a very soothing voice to listen to!"
"Your fun, cute, and comfy and it shows in your content as well. Your aways a joy to watch!"
"My favorite catgirl, nothing like content at every hr of the day and having relaxing streams for my slower mornings. Also the most dedicated streamer I know :>"
"You are very energetic and give off the most comfiest vibes, and lots of laughter for all. You make anything you touch real fun, extending to your content too. It's real exciting to see something new out or a stream pop up. Your voice is also super cute and make cute sounds. ❤️"
"man.. i love cats" "A cat girl who makes people down bad :>" "cute, adorable"
"Very informative and wholesome" "pure gremlin energy that radiates from a small package"
"the comfiest and wholesome catgirl vtuber around."
"Determined, headstrong, forward, constructive, knowledgeable, well spoken, flexible, joyful, energetic, calming, informative to name a few"
"your very comfy and welcoming in all of your streams. your calm, energetic , and hard working. your content is very comfy especially your asmr videos on YouTube I have fallen asleep to your your voice a few times myself. And your very wholesome"